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CLD specialises mainly in composing Leadership Development and Talent Development programmes. Our Leadership Development programmes are based on a thorough analysis of the strategic issues, business context, cultural characteristics and current leadership style of your organisation. This deep analysis provides the foundation for an effective and balanced programme design. These programmes are often a blend of leadership development workshops, executive coaching and elements of leadership and change.

Talent Development programmes revolve around developing newer talent within your organisation and involves trainee programmes. Having your company’s talent pool involved in our programmes will result in an optimal contribution of their own expertise, stimulates internal support and creates added value for your organisation. Cornerstones of our programmes are: alignment with strategic issues, improving self-awareness, learning by doing, and creating style flexibility. Our focus on the individual qualities and questions is ever-present so that personal areas of improvement can be immediately put into practice.

We aim to succeed together, and in order to provide a more complete service to our clients we additionally offer other programmes which can be executed seperately or coupled with other programmes for increased success. Currently we offer the following programmes:

  • Leadership Development
  • Executive Coaching
  • Leadership and Change
  • Talent Development
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