Leadership and Change

In the ever-shifting dynamics and constant flux of today’s business world, change certainly has become the other side to the leadership coin. Leadership preparation for change is the single most important challenge of today in order to be ready for tomorrow. With our approach we encourage and support leaders in their capabilities to embrace change as an opportunity to improve rather than avoid it. The challenge is to synthesize opposing concepts in a balanced approach, combining transactional leadership with transformational leadership, accelerating change over merely managing it, creating a dual system of network structures with hierarchy, and finally combining speed with ample time for reflection.

Our tailor-made programmes encourage and support leaders in understanding the nature of change, building and improving the mindset, toolset and skill sets to use ongoing change as an important ingredient to create success. Complementary to our other programmes, we offer a ‘Change Readiness scan’. This is a fast-paced assessment based on contemporary scientific change frameworks to assess the current status of Readiness for Change. Our services:

• Leadership and Change consultancy
• Leadership and Chance programmes
• The Change Readiness scan

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