Leadership Development

Today’s leaders face complex challenges in a highly demanding business world with an increasing need for a clear strategy, smooth execution and the unleashing of people, rather than controlling them. We design and deliver programmes to develop and improve leaders to able to be successful in their roles. Understanding the leadership triangle and the process of balancing three domains (Strategic, Operational, Inter-personal) provides a solid bedrock to develop future-proof leadership. Building on this further, our programmes focus on the processes of creating and deploying a clear strategy into effective actions, building commitment and optimal circumstances for execution and crafting mature relationships to evoke discretionary effort that leads to success.

We support leaders in their shift from ‘providing the answers’ towards creating a climate of collaboration and enabling innovation and adaptability. Characteristics embedded in our approach are as follows:

Increased leadership style flexibility
Building resiliency in order to lead uncertainty and setbacks
A mindset of shared leadership where team members focus on ‘completing rather than competing’

We take the strategic agenda and specific context of your organisation into account to design and deliver comprehensive Leadership programmes for senior leaders. We also provide the ‘Oxford Leadership Scan’: a fast-paced assessment based on contemporary scientific leadership frameworks to clarify the current situation in context. The results provide instant building blocks for improvement and design specifics for a tailor-made Leadership Development programme. Our services:

• Leadership Development programmes
• The Oxford Leadership scan

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